Becoming a Brand Leader: Leveraging Your Personal Brand for Influence, Impact, & Success

Is your organization’s leadership hoping, and at times struggling, to gain greater buy-in to your vision for the team? In this presentation DJ teaches business leaders how to:

  • Identify their unique personal brand’s powers
  • Sharpen and develop their personal brands attributes
  • Apply best practices for leveraging their personal brands to bring greater organizational impact and success.  

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The Brand New You! Transforming Your Life With God-Driven Personal Branding

Inspired by internationally-sold book, The Brand New You!, DJ crafted this faith-filled presentation to help your organization reach success in every area of life!

Where most personal branding theories start with an inward search, DJ will demonstrate how searching God’s plan first is the key to achieving all your true purpose. DJ will teach you how to:

  • Identify and Understand Your Unique God-Given Purpose
  • Become the “Hottest Item on the Shelf” In Your Personal and Professional Life
  • Achieve Success by Being in the Right Place at the Right Time
  • Utilize the Power of Promotion to Get the Results You Desire

Does your organization need faith-filled inspiration with practical tools for reaching success in both their personal and professional lives? Contact us today to bring this presentation to your group, church, or university.



How to Get Hired or Fired With the Power of Personal Branding

Are you planning an event for a group of college students preparing to enter the dangerous waters of the “real world”? Getting a job in today’s economy is harder than ever. Let DJ empower the students in your group by teaching them how a strong personal brand can help them land their first job (or how a poor personal brand can stop them from even getting to the interview). This presentation will help students:

  • Identify their personal brands and how they can help or hurt them for the job search
  • Develop their skills and attributes to become better job candidates
  • Learn proven strategies for successfully selling themselves to employers with a winning resume
  • Promote themselves in person and on social media (and some examples of “Personal Brands Gone Wrong on Social Media”)

This presentation is a fun and informative way to give the students in your group a jumpstart to rewarding careers. Contact us today to learn how to bring in DJ to your university.



Right now students across universities are Tweeting, Snapchatting, or engaged in some other verb created from the latest social media platform. And many of those same students will lose out on the job of their dreams because the pictures and comments they are sharing online. In fact, most students don’t realize a post shared online in their youth could be saved and last forever. And even the tightest privacy settings won’t deter a serious background check by potential employers. #CEOofMe is an interactive presentation that challenges students to take the reigns of their social media presence and truly become the owner and CEO of their personal brands. In this presentation DJ will teach students how to:

  • Define and identify their own personal brands
  • Understand the powerful relationship between social media and their personal brand
  • Recognize common mistakes made on different social media platforms that damage personal brands, potential job opportunities, and future connections
  • Examine their own social media presence, evaluate their “CEOofMe Score”, and tools to take back ownership of their online personal brands.

Inspire the students in your group to reach their full professional potential by becoming the CEO of their personal brands and social media presence. Contact us today to bring this presentation to your next event.